Pastel Portraits


Example: A5 Mid toned paper with Black and white chalks £59.00 Including postage and packing

Tibetan Girl

Example: A3 on black Canson laid pastel paper with white yellow ochre, burnt sienna chalks. £79.00 Including postage and packing.

The Songwriter 2










Example: Larger A1 drawing in black, red, white chalks on rose tinted Canson laid pastel paper. £149 including postage and packing

  • A5 £59 Head & Shoulders portrait single figure
  • A4 £69  Head & Shoulders portrait single figure
  • A3 £79  Head & Neck portrait single figure 
  • A2 £89  Three quarter length single figure
  • A2 £109  2 full length figures 
  • A2 £159 portraits (more than two heads)
  • A1 £199 full length single figure

Any special sizes or requirements larger than the above list can be priced for separately and discussed also.