Artist’s Statement

No representational artist can ignore the role that light plays in making visible the things he or she depicts. In my work the role played by light is fundamental and becomes the flavor to the subject.

My eye is attracted to the beauty of the human figure and its relationship with light. Light is the main catalyst throughout my work, recognizing light as a wonderful tool for setting the scene and dictating form and mood.

Making my pictures open to individual interpretation, leaving the imagination to fill in the gaps. A world heavy on shadow and striking light set the mood and invite the viewer to develop the narrative.

I have a passion for portraiture, working in black and white, creating pictures that are more about form and tone and atmosphere. This way I aim to tease the viewer in anticipation of colour. There is a common theme of less is more therefore.

I draw from life, memory or from photographs, preferably my own. My work can vary from the meticulous to the spontaneous, and in terms of size, technique, and medium that I use.

The backbone behind my work lies in my love of drawing and the skill and craft of traditional classical working methods from the Renaissance.